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Strong and focussed and long term impact CSR projects will motivate employees, society and local authorities at large
CSR as a broad based tool cannot be the only reason for motivation. That said, if the project is done with clear direction and focussed impact, it will make a
positive dent on its stakeholders. Strong/ focussed and long term impact CSR projects will motivate employees, society and local authorities at large. Though, employees will be indirectly rather than directly motivated, as the present guidelines don’t allow Employee Engagement as a part of their CSR strategy.  
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Pension Bill gives teeth to pension regulatory body
The new law could help bring in new pension products in the market, thereby giving choice for customers. Competition could also improve quality of service, returns. If these are successful, they could help mobilize substantial long term funds which can be used in building infrastructure. Even the evolution of bonds and other securities and instruments would encourage the potential subscribers to participate in scheme like NPS
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Corporate Governance in the New Companies Act
Companies Act, 2013, the new legislation in India also follows the path set by the first company five centuries back and strengthens the three core elements of independence, transparency and honesty.
In line with contemporary vocabulary, the act uses the words independent director, related party transactions and insider trading to give the required importance to corporate governance. The earlier act of 1956 did not use these words. These words were brought into practice by Accounting Standards and Listing Agreements with the Stock Exchange. By integrating these critical concepts, the new act has strengthened corporate governance in India significantly.   
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The New Company law finally in action
The Companies Bill 2013 is a significant step in strengthening Corporate Governance, CSR spending, accountability and transparency with introduction of key provisions around duties and liabilities of Directors / Independent directors, Auditor rotation and more corporate disclosures.               
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